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    How to apply

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    - You must speak fluent English. You MUST be able to read/write English and understand spoken English. There will be no other language outside of English spoken on ventrilo or these forums.
    - You must have access to Ventrilo/Teamspeak/Mumble.
    - You must post in attendance threads.
    - You must show up to WoE on a regular basis.
    - Show up to WoE prepared.
    - You must be dedicated and follow ALL orders during WoE.
    - You must be open to criticism.
    - You must be ready to re-roll or make sacrifices so that the guild may succeed.
    - You must be competent.
    - If you lag you shouldn't apply as a key class. Prof/Biochemist etc.

    How do I apply to the rape factory?

    All you need to do is create a topic in this section of the forums, and copy and paste the form below, then fill it out.

    - Character Name
    - Location and Schedule - Where do you live? What time/days do you play? Will you be available for most of this semester?
    - Your Ping - ping
    - Computer specs - CPU/GPU/RAM include screenshot
    - Ventrilo/Teamspeak - Do you have it? Do you have a microphone?
    - Brief history on RO - What guilds we're you in previously? Why did you quit/disband?
    - Your focus in RO -
    - Your WoE experience - How long have you WoE'd?
    - AHK - You should be using it.
    - Why should we let you in? Why should we pick you over the other guy?
    - Your ideal end stat and skill builds, preferably via these websites:
    - Why do you wanna join us?


        [b]- Character Name[/b] -
        [b]- Location and Schedule[/b] -
        [b]- Your Ping[/b] -
        [b]- Your computer specs (CPU/Processor, GPU/Video Card, and RAM/Memory)[/b] -
        [b]- Ventrilo/Teamspeak/Mumble[/b] -
        [b]- Brief history on RO[/b] -
        [b]- Your focus in RO[/b] -
        [b]- Your WoE experience[/b] -
        [b]- Do you use AHK?[/b] -
        [b]- Stat build[/b] -
        [b]- Skill build[/b] -
        [b]- What gears do you swap?[/b] -
        [b]- Previous Guilds and IGNs[/b] -
        [b]- Reasons for applying to us[/b] -

    Recruitment process:

    All applications will be reviewed asap.

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